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We provide user centric designs for better experience.

User Research

We offer in-depth user research, mockups, user persona building, and rigorous UI/UX testing to clients in the design and prospecting phase of a new product to ensure your app is human-friendly from the start.

Usability Testing

We collaborate with our clients to create products that address real-world problems. Because of our focus on human-centered design, the products we create provide engaging experiences.

Rapid Prototyping

Clickable prototypes can help you bring your ideas to life and provide feedback-driven wireframing to help you prevent bugs.

UX Designs

We provide user experience auditing services for products that are already in use, so you can observe what's working and what isn't.

Advantages of Critonyx

Responsive Design

It's nothing short of alchemy to create the ideal user experience. To design experiences that engage your customers, our team combines user needs, functionality, and aesthetics.

Extensive Focus

Your clients' experience is influenced by page flow, visual appearance, and the psychological impact of copy. To create the best user experience, our staff pays close attention to every detail.

Expert Opinions

Our team specialises in getting to know your users and tailoring an experience to them. Our staff will ensure that your app engages your audience and makes them to stay on original concepts.

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We Organize Our
Production Process

We identify the major points of project and set goals which are to be achieved. We do competitor analysis and make complete observations according to the document.

We make interactive and understandable prototypes and high fidelity mockups. We also design UI style guide.

We do concept sketching, create process flow and design information architecture.