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Improving quality of your software without affecting your delivery timeframe.

Automation Testing

Custom automated test scripts are created for a thorough examination of each stage of the development process.

Performance Testing

By performance testing your app server until it has the highest level of stability and responsiveness, you can make your software as user-friendly as possible.

Security Testing

With our attentive security testing tools, we can identify potential vulnerabilities, security gaps, or other software weaknesses and create a development roadmap to bring your product up to speed.

Manual Testing

To ensure customer satisfaction, software programmes are tested from the user's perspective utilising UI, Usability, installation, User Acceptance, Error Handling, and Security Testing.

Advantages of Critonyx

Expert Monitoring

Our team is always keeping an eye on the progress of your programme to verify that the code is flawless and all the thigs are working fine.

Comprehensive Testing

Our staff ensures that your product works in all contexts. Web-based, mobile, app, cross-browser, integration, acceptability, and performance testing are all services we offer.

Continuous Feedback

Our Quality Assurance team is deeply embedded in the project life cycle, ensuring that any faults discovered are promptly addressed.

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What you get from us?

Using automation testing to produce better software in a shorter amount of time while keeping a high degree of quality.

Testing that covers all of the most popular testing solutions.

Manual testing costs are reduced as the GUI is integrated.